Vimy is a handsome bi-colored tabby with a small but staunch build. He loves to play with stringed toys, climb poles, and is a sucker for bacon bits. He loves head scratches.

Vimy was a stray that found his way to the shelter and lived under our storage trailer for a few months. Sick with an upper respiratory infection and tired of the tom-boy life, he let us bring him inside. Nervous and unsure of who to trust, Vimy was only able to be handled with workers using gloves.

He was starting to trust the shelter workers and in April 2019 was brought to a foster home during the flood and renovations. His foster parents fell in love and couldn’t let him go once the time came. We love a good foster fail!

Vimy lived happily in his new home with two new brothers, Alf and Blacky. Sadly, after the death of his owner, Vimy (along with his brothers) was returned to the shelter in May 2020. On his second stay at the shelter, he is a proud member of the Morning Welcome Committee, greeting staff at the door for some love and then “helping” get breakfast ready.

To gain the trust of a scardy cat is an amazing thing, and Vimy has become one of the most loving cats. He is a staff favorite and we look forward to that happy/sad day he finds a new home to call his own….or maybe to share with his brothers!