Who are we?

The Victoria County SPCA is a CRA registered charitable, non-profit, animal rescue and adoption shelter located in Arthurette NB. We serve the communities of Perth-Andover, Plaster Rock, Grand Falls and surrounding areas.

The shelter is operated and supported by a dedicated group of volunteers and a part-time manager. It has sheltered thousands of abandoned pets and is financially responsible for all overhead costs, vet care, medications, food, litter, cleaning and administration/staffing.

Our Organization

The Victoria County SPCA was originally established in 1984. Although many things have changed over the years, the main goals of sheltering, fostering and rehoming abused and abandoned pets have always remained the focus.

Our mission is to nurture the physical and psychological welfare of discarded, unwanted and often abused animals and to adopt each animal to a suitable and caring home. In addition, we strive to promote humane attitudes and responsible pet ownership through public education.

We are grateful for the countless hours our volunteers and community members put in to support our SPCA in all its efforts.

Our What People Are Saying

Number of Pets Adopted in 2022

[Number of Pets Adopted in 2022]

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Our Goals

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0% Animal Protection
0% Spay/Neuter Education
0% Humane Education
0% Return Lost Pets

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