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If you’re considering adding a new pet to your family, we urge you to adopt instead of buy a pet. By adopting from a shelter or rescue group, you are ensuring that you are not supporting the inhumane commercial breeding facilities (puppy/kitten mills) that supply pet stores and sell pets online. As an extra bonus, you are doing your part to fight pet overpopulation and save homeless animals. In addition, when you adopt from a rescue group you know what you are getting because the group has a history of the animal. The rescue group also help you with continued support because they are invested in providing a good home for that animal. An adopted pet is every bit as loving, intelligent and loyal as a purchased pet—give these pets a second chance!

Shelter Cat v Free Cat

Meet Our Adoptable Pets……and find your new best friend ! 

The current “Pets available for Adoption” may be found on our Facebook page under “Photos” and see the most recent “Pets for Adoption” album.

Start by clicking here:

We recognize that not everyone uses Facebook.

You may certainly inquire about available animals via phone by calling 506-356-1117. If you wish to see the animals available,in person, please make an appointment to insure our staff is able to accommodate your visit.

The Adoption Process

If you’ve thought it over and feel ready to give a loving pet a forever home, we’d love to help you! Here’s how it works:
  • View available pets on our Facebook page or visit them at the shelter.
  • Fill out a Pre-Adoption Application: Click here to fill out the online form or visit the shelter and fill the form out.
  • Our adoption committee, made up of volunteers, will review your application and contact you.
  • Adoption fee: An important part of pet ownership (as if anyone really owns a cat!) is the realization that a visit to a vet, at least on an annual basis, will be required. Your new cat has had a series of vaccinations and has also been spayed(girls) or neutered (guys) to prepare them for their new home. All of this costs money and must be raised by VCSPCA volunteers. To help offset the cost of getting your new cat ready for you to love, we have an adoption fee of $130 for adult cats and $160 for kittens.
  • Unconditional Love

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