Gizmo & Izzy

Gizmo & Izzy

This black and white, brother and sister duo are inseparable! While they get along with all cats at the shelter-these two spend most of their time together. They love to play and act foolish.

The pair came into the shelter as stray kittens and were fostered by a loving person who helped them adjust to humans. They are sometimes shy with new people, but given time will be eating out of your hands (literally!).

Gizmo is the female. She is the more serious of the two. She loves treats and playing with the laser. Izzy is the male. He is the more silly of the two. He loves to play with string toys. They both loved being pet by their former foster mama.

They are looking for a loving home willing to take them both in. With a little space and patients, these two will be an affectionate addition to their forever family.

Izzy and Gizmo are being sponsored by Jade Ruest and Mike Bear JR. This sponsorship will go towards the cost of their care while at our shelter.