1. Call the hotline preferably when you have just witnessed the infraction or have an immediate concern for an animals wellbeing: CALL 1-877-722-1522
  2. Ask for the operator id number to whom you are speaking. They are required to give it (but not their name).
  3. Jot this down in case you need to follow-up and also note the date and time of your call.
  4. Place your complaint. You must give the address of the location.If there is no house number and you cannot obtain one, pin point it as best you can (such as between house numbers x and y).You should also have as much other information as you can get ie: owners name, description of the animal, color of the house etc. This information is not mandatory but may be asked and may prove helpful.
  5. Ask for a call back from the attending APO. For this you will have to give your name and contact number but it will be kept confidential. This way you will get an update on what action was taken. If you see it was “education by the APO” and the problem is not corrected-then start the process again from the top but adding it was a previous complaint still on-going.

Please report back to the Victoria County SPCA if you have followed this process without success. We will follow up with NB SPCA to find the cause of the breakdown. It is in the animals’ best interest that this complaint driven system operates as it is intended. We can also provide you with a copy of a complaint resolution process whereby the individual deals directly with the NB SPCA.