What is the Victoria County SPCA Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (VC-SNAP)?

SNAP is a program designed to provide financial assistance to spay and neuter cats and dogs from households most in need. Spay/neuter services are a vital part of the no-kill solution to the stray, homeless, and abandoned cat epidemic in Victoria County.

VC-SNAP is providing assistance for residents of Victoria County who, due to financial limitations are unable to spay or neuter their cats and dogs. This program is made possible through funds received from the CanFel Foundation, as well as the generosity of the Grand Falls Veterinary Clinic. VC-SNAP and cat owners will share the expense of each surgery. The pet owner will be required to pay only $30.00 per cat and $50.00 per dog.

Are You Eligible?

To see if you qualify for this program, please review the following chart:

Number of adults in household Income before tax
1 $19,540
2 $24,324
3 $29,903
4 $36,308
5 $41,180
  • In the left column, look up the number of adults in your household.
  • Find the matching after-tax income.
  • If your family income falls below this number you are eligible for our program.

For the 2018 year, this program is limited to people living in the Plaster Rock, Perth-Andover and surrounding areas (postal codes starting with E7G or E7H).

Many factors are taken into consideration when processing the application for eligibility and are not limited to what is listed above. The Victoria County SPCA reserves the right to refuse service.

How to Apply

If you are eligible to apply, please fill out a VC-SNAP application form. Forms are available at the shelter in Arthurette, can be emailed or mailed to you, and online (below).

Submit the form with proof of income. Acceptable forms of proof of income would be assistance stubs, pay stubs from within the past 30 days, notice of assessment from CRA, student loan funding forms, etc. If your income exceeds the limit but you believe there are exceptional circumstances that affect your living expenses (ex: family illness) please include an explanatory note with your application and your case will be reviewed by our volunteer committee.

How Do I know if I Have Been Approved?

Your application will be evaluated as soon as it has been received. Once it is determined that you qualify for the program, you will be contacted by phone. Each approved applicant must have the pet’s surgery completed within three months of the approval or the offer will expire. Due to high demand, you may be placed on a waiting list. If this happens you will be notified. Please be sure to include all valid contact information, including an email address if available, on your application form.

What Do I Do Once I Am Approved?

You will be required to pay for your share of the surgery ($30.00 per cat/$50.00 per dog) by etransfer or by cash at the Victoria County SPCA. No personal cheques will be accepted and no credit will be extended. After payment has been made, then you may contact the Grand Falls Veterinary Clinic directly to book an appointment. Remember that each offer expires three (3) months from the date that the application is approved. The Grand Falls Veterinary Clinic will bill VC-SNAP for the cost of the procedure. You are responsible for your pet’s transportation to and from the Grand Falls Veterinary Clinic.

Important Notes:

  • Surgery can be performed on cats 2.5 pounds and larger (as young as about 3 months of age).
  • Additional services requested by the owner (bloodwork, flea treatment, vaccinations, etc) must be paid for by the owner of the cat. The VC-SNAP program is designed to help with the expense of spays and neuters only.
  • The veterinarian reserves the right to postpone surgery if the animal is not healthy enough to undergo the surgery. Standard surgical waivers are required to be signed before pets are admitted into the veterinary hospital.

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