(An entry from Foster Mama-aka “The Human”- April 12-18)

After what seems like forever, I’ve finally started to see the cats! It may not seem like much, but for these cats…it’s HUGE. 

Butterscotch and Reesy are the brave ones so far. They started coming out from under the couch last Monday night and have come out every night at about 9:00 since. Reesy got extra brave and came out during the day once. She was pretty cautious and slinky, but she did it!

They have learned big lessons this week. 

They learned that they love to watch TV. And, I learned that I love to watch them watch it! They are so intrigued by it. Being rescued from outside and then staying at the shelter, I think this may be the first time they’ve ever watched TV. They don’t seem to be picky about what’s on but do not like it when they hear dog barks. 

Butterscotch watching TV

They also found out that they like to play in the toilet- a fact I discovered in the darkness of an early AM bathroom visit! Maybe they are training to use the toilet instead of the litter box. ~CROSSES FINGERS~

Butterscotch is very interested in my feet while I sleep and has swatted at them a few times this week. 

I still have not seen Candy out but still check on her regularly. 

Can’t wait to share more progress!

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