(as told by Foster Mama)

Moving day (April 4, 2020) was an exciting and scary day. I had been looking forward to bringing these fur babies home for at least a week. I wanted to bring these three cats home because they have such sweet personalities and I would love to see them get adopted. Hopefully, some time in a home environment will help bring them to that point. 

The first step to moving day is the capture…not always an easy task when you are dealing with timid cats! This Trio tends to run and hide when a person gets too close. In this case, this made getting them in carriers a little easier. Butterscotch ran to the window (thinking she would escape out to the cat run…but the window was closed!). I was able to approach slowly and pick her up. Candy went into one of the cat tree cubbies and I was able to scoop her from there into a carrier. Ressy hid in one of the open carriers, a decision I’m sure she regretted immediately. 

Hard Part Over!!

With the car loaded and fingers crossed that none of them pooped while we were traveling, we headed home. 

Foster cats in carriers waiting to come out on their first day home
Candy & Ressy’s first day home!

When we got home (no poops!), I opened the carrier doors and left it up to them to decide when they were ready to come out. I’m not sure how long it took them, but they did come out of the carriers and I didn’t see them again for a week!

The first couple of days were an adjustment as they learned where their litter boxes, food and water were. I knew they were hiding under the couch and checked on them daily. I knew they were coming out to eat and use the litter box. All that was left to do was be patient.

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